Revolution Youth Movement

Revolutionize 1. to make a complete and basic change in; alter drastically or radically

Revolution 4. a complete or radical change of any kind
Websters New World College Dictionary

If you are of junior or senior high school age then you know what it means to be a revolutionary. You may not be able to put it into words or express it fully but at the core of your being you need to have a cause to fight for; a mission to believe in or a movement to join. You are not looking for simply another thing to do or another activity to take up your time and energy. You want to make a difference with your life and you long for a difference to be made in your life. God wants the same thing for you.

God is calling you to be a revolutionary for His cause. Revolution is so much more than another youth group or teen ministry. If you hold our logo up to a mirror the word that pops out at you is the word LOVE; which is what this revolution is all about. Love for God with all we are and love for others with all we have. This is not about raising our fists and our voices in protest or winning arguments - this revolution is all about extending our hands and offering help and hope and healing in Jesus Christ to those who hurt. It is about looking in the mirror and asking God to make a radical change in your life in a way that moves you from self centered to Christ centered and others focused.

Jesus taught, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." Our desire is to be a generation of young people who experience God's richest blessings through giving more than receiving; a generation whose faith grows and love deepens and hope brightens through serving rather than being served; a generation whose heart beats with God's for justice and mercy and faith.

Capture the cause and the calling God has placed deep in your soul and join this revolution for Him.

All youth participating in Revolution activities must have a current registration / medical release form on file. To fill out a printable form
click here.

Mondays @ 7pm - Meet at Java Planet 2400 Lake Shore
Drive Suite A.

Serving experiences - several opportunities each year to experience the blessing of God through serving other