What Matters Most

Just as people have values or ideals that define them and even drive them, so do churches. These values are both taught and caught. They are developed and discovered over the life and experiences of a church. Often they are obvious and sometimes they are difficult to label.

"Core values" as they are sometimes labeled are important to identify because they help keep the main thing the main thing. It's easy to get caught up in lesser things or even good things that are not part of who we are.

These values are what matter most to us as a church. They define what we strive for as well as what we agonize over when we fail to achieve them. They describe how we hope to reflect the love of Jesus Christ to people and how we desire to show our love to God.

Acceptance: We value being a community of accepting, authentic, and compassionate people

Wholeness: We value interaction and encounters with God through His Word and His Spirit that bring about wholeness in Jesus Christ

Caring: We value ministering to the spiritual, emotional, and practical needs of people

Community: We value environments and experiences that enable the development of close relationships

Faith: We value moving forward while trusting God for what only He can do